Name Yuri
Age 16
Gender None
Tumblr yurigagarinofficial
Insta viola.lore
Flight Rising violalore (292462)
I don't list all my kintypes. But I don't follow doubles unless you're explicitly okay with them. If you'd like me to look over your kin page and check to make sure I'm not a double, feel free to ask.
  • WMAP
  • Lore Soong (ST:TNG)

Oh, and the WMAP fan twitter I run? It's not kin-related at all. If anything, the WMAP "muse" for that twitter is just that: a muse, more like an OC than anything. Perpetual screaming is more fun to emulate than serious spiritual stuff. Besides, it's more relatable.

Also, I don't really tweet much about being otherkin on my twitter anymore. Or post about it on any of my tumblrs.